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Global Venture Lab is a university based business creation platform dedicated to problems worth solving. GVL is empowered by globally connected faculty, students, and alumni of business competence.

The first GVL kickoff took place in the USA, at UC Berkeley, on November 21, 2008, followed by India and IIT Kharagpur, on January 8. The GVL kickoff in Finland, at JYU, on March 23, 2009, marks the birth of the GVL Network.

In Finland, the GVL team is complemented by dedicated individual “knowledge investors” – experienced executives and entrepreneurs – who partner with the faculty and students as part-time co-entrepreneurs in investing knowledge (energy, connections, capacity, and competence) as capital in selected growth ventures.

The GVL community teams up with inventors and entrepreneurs determined to create the best available combination of co-entrepreneurs, financiers and corporate partners to jointly build sustainable businesses to global markets.


 The root of GVL is eBRC and the current anchor GVL study programs at JYU . As of March 23, the homebase of GVL will be University Alliance Finland. In 2008, Global Venture Lab was acknowledged as one of UAF’s first Research Clusters of Excellence. Also in 2008, “knowledge investments towards global VentureLab” (osaamissijoitukset päämääränä globaali Venture Lab) were granted the Entrepreneurial Act of the Year in Higher Education Award by Chambers of Commerce.

Global Venture Lab

GVL Study Programs at JYU (Technology Business & Human Business) - Finnish
University Alliance Finland (Yliopistoallianssi)
JYU Press Release on Entrepreneurial Act of the Year - Finnish
Global Venture Lab in India
Global Venture Lab in Berkeley, United States