*Program for V2C Forum 2010*

Building Business from Venture to Capital - V2C Forum 2010

V2C Forum 2010 will be held in Tampere Finland in the Finlayson Hall on Friday September 17th 2010.  It will be held in part of the EBRF Conference (www.ebrf.fi).

This year's annual Forum includes exciting plenary sessions in the morning with reputable speakers and two tracks "on the move" in the afternoon.

Track 1 will follow the "Factory Visit" tour, offering fresh perspectives to the past, present and future of industrial co-creation in Finland. A trip includes a visit to the historic Finlayson factory facilities downtown Tampere. This track is open to all.

Track 2 is an invite only "Factory in Action". Runway to Growth (R2G) is a co-creative strategy workshop for preselected venture teams comprising founders, their co-entrepreneurs and fellow co-creators. Each venture team enters four hosted workshops, each addressing critical choices on the team's venture to capital path.

See the full program (pdf). 

All welcome to attend this open event

There is no official registration for V2C Forum 2010.